Now Available for iOS and Android
Control the Weather!

Too Hot?  Make it Snow!
Too Cold?  Turn on Hot and Dry.
Drought?  Touch "Rain" or "Thunderstorm".

Climate Changer launches in iOS displaying a live camera feed of the outside world.  For Android, Climate Changer lets you take a live snapshot of yourself or your friends and family.

You can use the far camera or set it to selfie mode.  Now touch which ever weather button you wish, Rain, Thunderstorm, Snow, Sunny, or Fog.  And your weather will change live on screen.   Share snapshots via text, e-mail , Facebook, Twitter, and many other social programs. 

Take existing photos as well and change the weather.  Show the world the blizzard you went through on that Florida vacation.  Or those foggy conditions that caused you to be so late!  It's a lot of fun.